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We stock all of the fine Z scale car sets and Z Scale Building kits PennZee offers plus the Z Father Nature Billboard Reefers when available.

We also offer their 40 Foot Refrigerator Cars in numerous and ever-changing roadnames.

PennZee offers inexpensive Z Scale Building kits known as "Quickits" which is a continuing series of American Prototype Z Scale structures featuring "E Z Assembly" precut cardstock that you just fold and glue. Each package includes either 4 (Series 200) or 5 (Series 100) complete buildings which also allow other variations to be constructed. Downtown Stores and Lineside Industries are available in various wall styles of brick and clapboard.

The PennZee Hopper Cars are the Greatest! They are sold in 4-Packs and each of the 4 cars has a different road number. We are also selling some undecorated hoppers as SINGLES in both black and brown versions. The injection molding has crisp detail and the lettering is expertly done. So lash up 12 or 16 of these babies for that realistic unit train.

The table below lets you know how many of each are in stock along with links to representative photos of each item or set.


Order# Qty Available Photo


Our Discounted Price

0 Photo This page was last updated 2/3/2014 at 11:26:04 AM $0
1 Photo PENNZEE Quick-Kit Downtown Stores - Yellow/Tan Brick $19.29
1 Photo PENNZEE Quick-Kit Downtown Stores - Gray/White Brick $19.29
1 Photo PENNZEE Quick-Kit Downtown Stores - Clapboard $19.29


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